wtorek, 23 maja 2017

sobota, 13 maja 2017

32 weeks pregnant

Having a baby make us go up a size or more. I said "goodbye" to my jeans long time ago (I hope not forever). I thought I'd be able to gain weight in my belly only but it seems that I'm bigger everywhere especially on my hips, boobs and butt and it's not because of food. Also my feet changed a size for a little bit bigger. I read something that said even if you lose all the pounds you gained, your dimensions might change forever like hips cause it's not about fat only, the thing is that hip bones can get permanently wider, more spread apart. Growing tiny humans is exhausting but this is the happiest thing in my life.. I'm spending time planning and dreaming about what life will be with a baby, watching my belly moving from side to side and putting my feet up to let him massage me :) Yes! This is pregnancy life haha

Hat - H&M
Jeans - Zara 
Dress - H&M
Shoes - JUSTFAB 

czwartek, 11 maja 2017

The best gift for pregnant woman is HOLIDAY

I feel so much better when I feel sun on my skin. Being pregnant is not easy that's why the best gift to myself was holiday in Spain. Every pregnant woman needs a little bit of sun and fun. For me it's easier to relax in hot place like this than spending time in grey and cold Poland and also I feel less tired and more energy when the weather is warmer. Malaga I'll come back soon...