piątek, 8 lipca 2016

Why do we love TK Maxx ?

It feels good when you're in the place where you can buy everything, from bras to coushions. It gets even better after you see the prices. Brand name and designer products at prices up to 60% less. TK Maxx is brilliant for discovering new brands and a lot of luxury labels like Stella McCartney, Armani, Marc Jacobs, Versace, Zoe Jordan, Moshino, Versace, Prada, Marc Jacobs etc.. One thing you all need to know is that you must buy something when you see it cause nothing hangs around forever.

piątek, 1 lipca 2016

Old clothes

Found at the bottom of the wardrobe clothes fit perfectly also for today

skirt - H&M
t shirt - Ebay
jacket - Bershka 
hat - H&M
necklace - H&M
sunglasses - H&M
heels - Zara