sobota, 4 marca 2017

6 months pregnant and nothing fits

My bump is getting bigger and my jeans doesn't fit anymore. What can I wear ? No chance for leggings coz I hate them and it's to cold for maxi dresses and maternity wear is so ugly and not comfortable. I have so many ideas for outfits but only for summer time so I have to go for holiday or just wait for hot days here...

niedziela, 22 stycznia 2017

Todays outfit

Version number two: with big scarf and no hat. Which one do you think is better ? 

Coat - Zara 
Hat - Pull&Bear
Sweater - H&M
Jeans - GAP 
Handbag - Zara 
Shoes - Reserved
Scarf - Zara

środa, 4 stycznia 2017

Daily Cosmetics

I open my laptop only once every few months. I almost forget that internet exists and my favorite hobby these winter dayz is sleeping in my cosy bed. Anyway let's get to the point.. I wanna show you what cosmetics I use everyday to keep my face young, clean and clear. The most important thing is to always wash down the whole make up very properly. I use double effect eye make up remover from Nivea and after that cream wash for dry skin which leaves it moisturized and fresh. On top of that I apply an eye cream under my eyes every morning and every evening, just before I go to sleep. That's why people say that I look like 27 and not 33 which I am. Thank you for your attention and good night :)

środa, 30 listopada 2016


Wciąż podtrzymuje, że Vero Moda to sklep w którym można znalezć najbardziej stylowe ubrania. Tego mi najbardziej brakuje w Anglii.


czwartek, 10 listopada 2016

Sorry, I'm busy

Not everyday looks like this and that's a good thing because today I wake up at 5:30AM I press the snooze buttom five times before I turn off the alarm and get up. A lot of people love to get up early but NOT ME. I'm getting not enough of sleep cause for me ten hours is perfect. If you fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow, that's great ! I can't so when I fall asleep at 1AM then  after 4 hours I'm really tired and unconscious so I have a cup of coffee and breakfast. I usually watch tv while having a breakfast. I go to work at 6:45 AM I usually drive to work. At 7AM we start our job. Always in the morning making clearance, scamping items till 11AM. During the day shift we keep the shop area tidy, work on shop floor to help customers in need. My co-workers are very friendly & I'm glad to have people like that around me. 

Everything is wonderful when I'm rested and that's why I prefer evening shifts because then I can get my 10 hours of sleep :) 
Anyway I finish my work at 11AM, make quick shopping and go home to take a nap. After 4 hours I can do my stuff like dinner, laundry, cleaning the house.. etc. Mostly I spend two hours in the kitchen cooking for example "gołąbki bez zawijania".
I turn off the phone and turn on TV then take a long hot bath, scrub my face and put skin mask . I'm laying in the bath for a few minutes like this and than my face feels refreshed and smooth. 

 Obiad się sam nie kupi i nie zrobi...

I love my bed. It's like my body is made of a block of  extremely weighty metal and my bed is a cruel magnet of slothliness that won't release its sleepy hold on me. So after all day I'm happy to get back to my favorite thing ;)