piątek, 27 maja 2016

HAPPY in Ibiza :)

The happiness is something we achieve when everything in our life finally looks the way we've been thinking it should.
You want my advice ?
If you want happiness for an hour - take a nap
If you want happiness for a day - go shopping
If you want happiness for a week - go to Ibiza 
If you want happiness for a year - win the lottery or inherit a fortune
If you want happiness for lifetime - change something in your life

.. like I did.
I was unhappy in my country, I cried in the pillow dreaming about escape to the unknown. Finally I've got what I always need and I don't know what "bored" means anymore. I don't need to chase something or someone who is not worth it. I live in my own reality show witch I always wanted to live without unnecessary confusion around me. One thing I know for sure I'll never come back to a depressing country where is always nothing to do and even if there is something You have no money for.
Thank God we have internet so I see my LOVE from Poland everyday (Mama & Cat) <3

Outfit - Vero moda 
Sunglasses - Prada 

piątek, 13 maja 2016

Life is a beach

Uwielbiam mój nowy plecak bo jest wygodny i fioletowy ale cieszę się z niego jeszcze bardziej bo to mój pierwszy plecak. Nigdy żadnego nie miałam i męczyłam ramiona ciężkimi torbami a rozwiązanie było tak proste :) Przydały by się jeszcze buty do wody bo na naszej plaży są kamienie po których nie da się chodzić a wejście do wody jest wręcz nie możliwe przez ból jaki przy tym towarzyszy. Tak czy siak idzie lato... cieszę się.. już je czuję co raz mocniej !!!

Idealny zapach na lato ;)

Backpack - Firetrap
Skirt - Vero Moda 
T-shirt - Primark 
Hat - Converse 
Sunglasses - Ebay
Watch - Ebay  

sobota, 7 maja 2016

Every woman needs to have at least one pair of red shoes in her fashion arsenal. Express your personality at work with red high heels, witch always look good with blue jeans. This shoes are usually ladies' favorites. No matter if you are a teenager, or a girl, a maid or even at elder age, the love for high heels will never go with the wind. I like them cause they are sexy and comfortable. This summer I'll try mixing more colours and wearing heels more often because now I like to look at them but I feel better without them..
Enjoy wearing your favorite pair of shoes !

Blouse - Bershka
Jeans - Zara
Shoes - Locci