środa, 4 stycznia 2017

Daily Cosmetics

I open my laptop only once every few months. I almost forget that internet exists and my favorite hobby these winter dayz is sleeping in my cosy bed. Anyway let's get to the point.. I wanna show you what cosmetics I use everyday to keep my face young, clean and clear. The most important thing is to always wash down the whole make up very properly. I use double effect eye make up remover from Nivea and after that cream wash for dry skin which leaves it moisturized and fresh. On top of that I apply an eye cream under my eyes every morning and every evening, just before I go to sleep. That's why people say that I look like 27 and not 33 which I am. Thank you for your attention and good night :)

4 komentarze:

  1. Interesting beauty products. We keep in touch. xx

  2. ja o internecie nie zapominam xD
    Nivea zawsze na propsie!

    1. Ja nie cierpie internetu a jak widze ludzi wgapionych w telefon to mam ochote sie cofnąc w czasie gdzie swiat był normalny

  3. Od bardzo dawna lubię kosmetyki firmy Nivea ;) do włosów i do ciała ;) Pozdrawiam! ;)