piątek, 28 października 2016

I love to smell good all day long

I still can't get enough of coconut. If you've been dying to find perfumes that smell like coconut, but have no idea where to find - don't worry, I got your back ;) I love perfumes that smell like that, it's such a refreshing scent and truthfully, it smells like summer to me. Yves Rocher knocked it out of the ballpark with the delicious Malaysian Coconut Eau de Toilette. This delightful scent delivers exotic and luscious hints of mouth-watering coconut, so divine it will leave you drooling. For me replacement for this fragrance is Coconut Eau de toilette - The body shop. Fresh and tropical like my first one.  I have a huge collection of fragnances & I still collecting more so this time I bought Japanese Cherry Blossom from The Body Shop especially when I see product at half price I can't pass indifferently by. It's a beautiful and evergreen fruity floral fragrance. I like it but unfortunately I have to say that the scent tapers off really quick. 

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  1. Great items Really interesting post...thx for sharing! xx

  2. TBS has so many great product, I wanted to buy coconut scrub so badly, but after all I've ended up with allergy - thanks to TBS I was able to try it at shop before a purchase :)

    1. after using these cosmetics I don't smell like I just took a bath in a tub full of roses. I think they are to expensive compare to the quality. The Body Shop offers a line of hundreds of skin and beauty products, including lotions, moisturizers, soaps, hand washes, bath oils, toners, cleansers, masks, eye treatments and more but they smell just for a moment and then there is no sign of it. That's why I have pefrumes always in my bag and use them from time to time during the day :)

  3. Great products


  4. Love the body shop! They always have such amazing finds!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  5. I love natural products, what a lovely post!

  6. Ile wspaniałych kosmetyków! Szczególnie ta woda toaletowa japanese cherry blossom! :D

    Zapraszam na swojego Bloga Sakurakotoo